Movie Nights - Hire a projector, plug in your audio to the transmitter and enjoy a big screen movie outside. 

School Ball - What teacher isn’t going to like this?!  A silent school disco, brilliant, sign me up! No problems deciding about what type of music to play, just play it all, all at once, as loud as you like!

Festivals & Events - Festivals also suffer from having to  'Keep the noise down', in fact, they are probably affected more than most, for every person that loves to attend, there are many more that don't want it to occur in the first place, and they are heavily policed and regulated, if they break the rules fines are steep and they've got a license to protect. It has been proven that Silent Disco is the solution to this problem, allowing the festival organisers to put on a banging show right up to the limit of the time restrictions and then turn the big stages off and comply with the law. Silent Disco allows them to also keep the punters happy by shifting the acts to the Silent Disco areas and playing on through the night in relative silence, well within the noise limits. Silent Disco Queenstown is currently expanding their number of headsets  and are more than willing to talk to festival organisers about supplying the kit for their events.

Noise Restrictions - There are environments such as a downtown venue or rural property where you are allowed to have an event as long as there is no amplified music after a certain time or at all, a Silent Disco would be the perfect solution, lots of noise inside, no noise outside. Protect your license & keep within local restrictions. #NoNoiseRestrictions







Trade Fairs/Conferences - Silence is Golden. It's not always about the noise, you can also use our headphones to block out the ambient noise to get your message across. If you've got a video presentation you want people to watch in a noisy environment like a club or a trade fair, you can issue your viewers with headsets so they can concentrate on your message. And get back to the party once they're done. 

Yoga & Bootcamps - This takes yoga to the next level.  It doesn’t matter where you are, lakeside, grassy field, on top of a mountain it’s like having your very own personal instructor right there in your head. Paired with beautiful music to suit the practice let Silent Yoga take you on a truly immersive experience. Silent Yoga, or a bootcamp with pumping tunes, is just as peaceful for you as it is for anyone passing by. 

Children’s area at an event - Many festivals or outside events are family friendly. Think about having a dedicated area just for the young ones to keep them occupied for an hour whilst the adults go and do their thing. Or, even have a channel for the adults too so everyone can enjoy it together!